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King Tut Quilting Thread 500yards Colour 1014

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King Tut is an extremely low lint #40/3 extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton. Variegated colors are precision-dyed with one-inch color changes. King Tut is a wonderful choice for Machine Quilting. The low lint allows for more time quilting and less time cleaning your machine. Ideal for quilting and decorative stitching. Nature's finest thread. ing Tut undergoes a special process called “gassing”. Gassing refers to passing a cotton thread at a high speed above a flame, which burns off excess fuzz and lint. The process of gassing gives threads a brighter and smoother appearance. Gassed cotton may be referred to as ‘silk-finished cotton’ or ‘polished cotton’. You can tell whether or not a thread is gassed by the length of fuzz from a strand of cotton thread. If the fuzz has very little variation and appears uniform in length, it has been gassed. A non-gassed thread will have a combination of short, medium, and long fuzz in an irregular pattern. The less fuzz on a thread means less lint displaced inside your machine

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