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11th Feb 2021

Landscape are a great inspiration for building your next quilt. Just look out your window if you are in the country or remember when you were on holiday and sketch our a rough idea  for the quilt … read more


10th Oct 2020

How many centimetres are there in one meter?1 Meter = 100 centimetersWhat is 25 centimetres 25/100 = 1/4 meterWe sell lots of fabric in 25 centimetre units so 4 units equals one meterBut how many … read more
Face Masks

Face Masks

19th May 2020

To cove or not to cover that is the question should we wear a face mask or not? We wear a face mask when we go shopping, walk the dogs or go where there are lots of people. Our face mask kit for … read more