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About Us

I have two passions in my life a Passion for God and a passion for quilting. My passion for quilting and patchwork began when I began an expat life living in the Middle East with my husband. To begin with I thought that cutting up fabric and putting it together again was crazy. Along the way I got hooked and met some extremely talented ladies who encouraged and taught me. i still live the expat life and travel with my husband, the internet is a wonderful way to be able to run a business. We came home in the summer of 2014 and now live in Leicester and we started to go to shows where we have met many of you. Passion4quilting is my way of encouraging all of you, that you too can produce beautiful items and be creative and that the fabric and patterns that are on my site will encourage you to do this. It is our aim to help you in finding good fabric and all that is associated with quilting and patchwork.We do everything possible to display the fabric so you can see the colour's, the patterns, the scale and which fabrics work best together We want to encourage and help the beginner quilter as well as the more experienced.

We only buy the best quality cloth and are constantly meeting with our suppliers and looking for new ranges to inspire you. Most fabric is 112cm wide if you need to know on a specific fabric please ask and we can let you know. The site will be constantly updated with new stock and with new ideas for fabric, so you will always find something new. Shopping is easy so order with confidence with our secure paypal partners and all fabric unless otherwise stated is sold in  multiples of 25cm. You can buy in three way, via the secure checkout or send us your order by email or telephone us on  Sues mobile 07910061001. So browse and enjoy our website.  We are happy to supply you with a small sample free of charge on the fabric that are on the bolt but we do not cut the pre-cuts.

My First Passion began over 20 years ago when i ask Jesus into my life, i have found out that he is faithful and true and loves me, and i know that Jesus Loves You too. Here is a little poem i wrote.

If you have torn a seam
and don´t know what to do with the rip,
when your thread keeps breaking
and the needle is blunt, If you have burned the
fabric of your live and every thing is not
as it should be, If you have become fray at the edge
and life keeps coming undone, when you has been
through the wash and should have been
handled with care mistakes have been made and
you do not know which way to turn
you will find the answer in Jesus.
He never lets me down he is  the same today,
yesterday and tomorrow.
Find out for yourself by asking him into your life it is that simple. If you need our address it is 52.Blackbird Rd, Leicester. LE40FW.