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11th Feb 2021

Landscape are a great inspiration for building your next quilt. Just look out your window if you are in the country or remember when you were on holiday and sketch our a rough idea  for the quilt front, The rolling hills to mountain escarpments or seascapes from the beach or dune with a path from you to he distant horizon. you can add a tree or two with birds in the sky with puffy clouds or ominous thunder cloud scarped with metallic streaks for lightning or gossamer fabrics overlaid to simulate rain of snow. 

Overlapping fabric  appliqué or trapunto the clouds for extra relief there are lots of ways to to embellish  with beads sequins ribbons, thread or wool your imagination will lead the way. The project does not have to be big and you can bind them together into a large project showing your memorable road trip or big events that has happened during the year

Well what are you waiting for lets start that project

Below are several projects the ladies have made 

There are lots of fabrics to chose from the stone henge range has lots of lovely textures and colour form spring to autumn 

You could try one of our appliqué pattern they are not big but are a good start to putting a picture together steam seam and our appliqué mat are great tool to help you with your project