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144 Swarovski SS16 Hot Fix Crystal kit


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We are now happy to offer a set of Swarovski SS16.crystals to decorate your Jacqueline de Jonge quilts just like the master her self. You have 12 small pots each containing approx 144 crystals in 12 colours. There is no set design to follow you can place the crystals exactly where you would like to see them on your quilt. They attract the eye when your quilt is hung up and displayed. To affix the crystal you need to have hot fix applicator wand that heats the small crystal.

I personal count to 8 with crystal on the applicator and attached to the quilt and find that this secures the crystal really well. Colours in the set are Cobalt, Fire Opal, Light Amethyst, Hycinth, Fern Green. Sapphire, Fuchsia, Tanzanite, Citrine, Blue Zircon, Light Siam, Tanzanite2.

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