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Hobbs Tuscany Collection Premium Polyester Batting-Wadding 81x96inches

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Hobbs Tuscany Collection Premium Polyester Batting 81 x 86inches. Made from 100% Premium polyester. Can be quilted as far apart as 4". Washable see instructions Will not shrink 

Hobbs’ Tuscany Batting line is lovingly cut, folded and packaged by hand, providing quilters with a batting that has few if any wrinkles or creases, and wonderful loft in those products designed to provide high loft.

Thereis a vast array of polyester fibers available to batting manufactures. Tuscany Poyester batting is a combination of the very best sillconized, smaller denier fibers that are carded and crosslapped, and then resin bonded to retard bearding.

This batting is supersoft, easy to quilt and drapable, and manufactured useing the verey best processes known in the industry.

One of the major features quilters like about polyester quilt battingis its washability (without shrinkage) and ease of quilting

With exceptional depth, loft, dimension and hand-finishing, Hobbs Tuscany Batting is the choice for the most discering quilters.

Whether you’re creating a show quilt, a quilt to give as a gift, a quilt you hope will become a family heirloom, or an everyday ‘utility’ quilt, you simply can’t beat Hobbs Tuscany Batting for delivering the very best results!


Great wadding. No shrinkage. Quilt upto 4" apart. Pleas do not pre wash 

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